Adrienne Betenbaugh is the Marketing Director of exaqueo. Focused on account planning, strategic development and marketing best practices, she brings 12+ years of client services and design thinking to the exaqueo team.                                                                 

Graduating from the University of South Carolina with degrees in advertising and political science, she started her career at an agency focused on promoting brands within the entertainment industry. Her first exposure to brand work included clients such as AMC, Turner Networks and the US Olympic Committee.                                                          

She grew to enjoy “outside the box” thinking and decided to put her political degree to work by joining South Carolina’s first agency building political campaign websites and using social media to win elections. Here, she learned the true value of making connections, aligning your messages to audience and channels, and the true definition of long hours on the campaign trail.

Her life took an exciting turn when she moved to Charleston, SC where she continued to expand her portfolio of work and put her communications skills to use at an environmental advocacy organization.                                                                


Later, after starting a family, she wanted to get back into agency life and work with big brands again and joined an educational marketing firm and led project teams on campaigns for Stanley Security, Google, Johnson & Johnson, AARP, and Mattel.


Most recently, Adrienne extended her power of visual communications by leading sales teams across strategic messaging journeys, to include Cisco and government teams across the US Department of State and the US Navy. Adrienne believes in the power of good foundational research to set the stage for innovative and strategic brands that last.


Adrienne enjoys spending time with her family. She has a deep commitment and passion for swimming. She is a US Masters Swimmer and holds a few state records as of 2019. Her dog and her young son make life interesting and she is always on the go, trying to make people laugh and telling a good story!