Gerry Crispin, SPHR, is an engineer and HR practitioner by education and training, independent by choice and a life-long student out of his passion for recruiting. His aspires is to understand how firms design and build recruiting processes, the technology to enhance them and the systems to manage them. CareerXroads (, simply stated, facilitates a dialogue between corporate staffing leaders in 85 companies through invitation-only, peer-to-peer meetings throughout the year- the Colloquium. 75 of these meetings have been held during the past decade. In 2011, Gerry joined with other volunteers in the industry to form a non-profit, TalentBoard, to oversee the Candidate Experience Awards that define and measure (as well as assess the business value) how employers treat ALL candidates. More than an observer, Gerry wants to influence future staffing models to be driven by the evidence; to offer candidates experiences that empower them to make better decisions in parallel with corporate selection practices, and to embrace technology-based networking tools as a primary means to build 2-way candidate pipelines.