Lindsey started her career in politics, running campaigns from the age of 16. After many years organizing communication efforts for local, federal, and international campaigns, she gave up her constituents for candidates upon entering the recruitment marketing world. For seven years, she worked at Symphony Talent, assisting Fortune 100 companies with their recruitment marketing content marketing strategy, attracting talent to organizations by encouraging the right fit for both the company and the candidate. Then, Palo Alto Networks came along. She now manages a Global Employer Brand Program for Palo Alto Networks, innovating new ways to reach out to candidates, leveraging regional stories, an improved candidate experience, and pushing the boundaries of how we think about the recruitment and candidate process. Her passion surrounds data inspired content strategy, sustainable (and scalable) external employer brand programs, and sitting on product demos for days (okay, not really this one). In her elusive “free time” she can be found picking up new hobbies like Girl Scouts leadership, reading all the books, speaking for her cat, and asking her kids for the 100th time to pick up their toys.