Employer brand, like candidate experience, is a lesson in cross-functional team management. Your employer brand isn’t owned by any one person – it’s owned by many. Candidate experience is the same way – and without a centralized program to manage the touchpoints, your brand will flounder as candidates interact with it. That being said, defining the candidate experience (and all the vast touchpoints that includes) is an immense task – one that you can (in many cases) influence, not control. So, how do you go about documenting, managing, and influencing the candidate experience as it pertains to your employer brand? In this session you’ll:

  • Conceptualize the candidate experience, starting from awareness all the way to hire
  • Build a matrix for documenting the candidate experience, including areas of opportunity
  • Include measurements for impact
  • Build prioritization and program management around your next steps
  • Receive a template for documenting your own candidate experience