Russell leads TMP’s global team of creative and brand development professionals. Russell, a hands-on creative, takes his renowned talents to lead TMP into the next generation of digital, social and mobile solutions for our global clients. His vision, passion and unparalleled commitment to innovation are the driving force behind TMP’s current and future creative offerings.

Before his current role, Russell was the Vice President, National Digital Creative Director leading the development and creation of innovative initiatives for clients. Considered one of TMP’s prized visionaries, he is the founder and co-leader of the company’s think tank known as TMP Labs, which helps the company stay at the forefront of new media solutions and talent acquisition trend indicators.

Earlier in his TMP career, Russell held positions including Senior Art Director, Creative Director and Interactive Creative Director. Among his many accomplishments, he designed, built and developed the industry’s first virtual career fair within Second Life, which was featured on CNN, MSNBC and CBS and appeared in The Wall Street Journal. Long before the advent of standardized social media platforms, Russell spent over 10 years working in Silicon Valley, where he created and designed the Cisco Friends campaign, one of the first social networking campaigns aimed at employee referral programs that revolutionized the industry. In the same time frame, he also created, designed and directed an interactive gaming assessment tool to qualify candidates using Mensa-like puzzles.